Know The Steps Of The Waste Management Service

Waste generation is a natural consequence of our consumption and production activities. The main generator today is the industrial activities for solid, liquid or gaseous waste. But that does not mean that industries should be seen as villains. These residues, if well cared for by a professional enviro recycling group, can be reused or have a reduced impact on the environment. This is the purpose of waste management.

Our services for disposal of contaminated soil are the alternative that seeks to balance the relationship between the environment and productive growth, bringing sustainable development to companies and society. Click here to visit our website.

Know The Steps Of The Waste Management Service

Household waste management is carried out through waste collection and sanitation services. Already in industry, it should be implemented as a way to treat materials with different specificities than those contained in common waste, which may contain substances harmful to human health.

The waste management service consists of four steps: preparation, handling, processing and disposal.

Preparation – After the waste diagnosis, we prepare documentation, planning and activity of internal routines, such as handling, characterization and, in the case of industries, operations at the Waste Treatment Center.

Handling – Collection of waste by specific vehicles for proper transportation and correct disposal.

Transformation – Treatment of waste, which can happen through recycling, valuation and application of the Circular Economy concept.

Disposal – Environmentally sound disposal (authorized landfills).

In all projects we undertake to send as little waste as possible to landfills, using the valuation method to reuse materials and reinsert them into the production cycle. In addition, our projects are 100% customized, which means that the business model, purpose and physiochemical characteristics of the waste are taken into account when designing the activities.

Contributing to the emergence of economically sustainable companies is one of our main guidelines. The environmental engineering has brought to market solutions that make waste management even more efficient, preventing toxic materials from being disposed of in the environment.

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